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19th-Jul-2030 12:58 pm - FRIENDS ONLY /// OR, ADD ME?

Credits: Created by me, please do not take!

If you want to add me, please keep in mind the following:
♠ have something in common with me
♠ post often in your journal
♠ be nice

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This is interesting. I have an account on Facebook and was invited to take this quiz. The result:You're full of charisma and dynamicity and you are possibly headedt o being famous. You have a charming persona and you are at...

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4th-Feb-2007 05:03 pm - On Vox: Another new layout, oh dear!

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Does everyone seem to notice that I only seem to update whenever I change layouts?Why, yes, I have noticed it *nod*.Lately, I feel as if I'm on this never-ending high, or at least as if I'm always drunk. Or maybe...

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9th-Mar-2006 01:30 pm - izabel varosa fan comm
Please join if you like Izabel Varosa! ♥

20th-Jan-2006 09:09 pm(no subject)
...taking some people off my flist...

why? coz i need to think...and they're not helping me very much

my friends being friends with people i dislike has never helped me much...

only made me feel betrayed and hurt...

anyway, if you don't see an entry on the same date (coz i made a friends-locked entry earlier), then i removed u from my flist...not permanently of course...i just need to think without anyone's entries making me biased...

sinofbeing! Julie! I need you right now...*cries*

27th-Nov-2005 08:55 am - Friends cut~~
Okay, finally did a friends cut! ;o;

__anrui__ > I just haven't been reading your fics lately
lostdoll > you didn't reply to my friends-locked entry asking for those who didn't want to get cut to comment

_reila_ > we haven't been getting along great...

apricot > you haven't been updating your lj lately
hikaru_maxwell > you haven't been updating ;o;
vulgarist_mikku > no updates as of late >>

~so there. feel free to comment or whatever.
~to avoid any more misunderstandings, i just wanted to keep close friends on my flist. i'm sorry if i haven't commented on your lj or anything.

6th-Oct-2005 05:52 pm - sid's future releases
if anybody is still wondering about sid's future releases, i updated my site with its complete details in the discography page. hope this info comes useful to many!! ^_~

24th-Jun-2005 03:32 pm - New LJ layout ^-^
How do u guys like it? It's a new layout! I'm still thinking of whether or not to change the font, though. Hm, I don't know from which band he is, but his name's Ayame. I snagged him from jrock_scans <33.

It's a rather simple layout. Boxy. I may have to fix up the sidebar. When I get not lazy...xDDDDDD
22nd-Jun-2005 06:44 pm - mai fanlisting
yesh, i made an FL for mai of kra! please join if u're a fan <333 : http://sweet-sincerity.net/mai/

i'm also looking for affiliates ^-^
I updated my two fansites today. I need to make a new layout for Romancer.

*sigh* Sometimes I think I'm getting discouraged in updating my sites...oh well...maybe it's just m...*shrugs*
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